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New York Stereoscopic Association Newsletter
June 2014
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Sam Moree, Jerry Marks, Sheldon Aronowitz, Bill Meredith, Jamie Smith and I along with hundreds of others shared a great sunny Sunday at the Holocenter on Governors Island.


Many thanks to Jonah Levy for making the first of our NYSA Lecture Series a success. And the great job he and his staff have done to create a holo-home for the work created by talented Artists. Trying to balance the requirements of Artists, the City of NY and a Ferry Schedule is a monumental task. Actually, it's one of the qualifications to run for Mayor. Or it should be!


Well, summer's almost here and we're making great strides with the NYSA. 

I'll keep it short, but please keep thinking about what you can do to make the NYSA a success. Like writing the next Newsletter!


Later on this summer we'll be setting up a State of the Art, 42" Glasses Free 3D display showing images from NYSA members. 


Want yours shown? Send us the best you've got.


Also, please join our Meetup to stay in the loop for our local meetings.


John J. Zelenka



On Sunday June 8th,  we launched our NYSA Lecture Series at the Holocenter. It happily coincided with Figment and if you've never attended the Figment event, you just gotta go! Particularly if you have young children or are one at heart. Coincidentally, a friend of mine named, Denny Daniel, the owner and mastermind of the Museum of Interesting Things was on Governors Island taking part  in Figment and so he became our next door neighbor for a day. Even donating gadgets for my lecture! We'll soon post an interview with him (in 3D of course) filmed by Bill Meredith, Jamie Smith and myself. My  lecture was filmed by Jamie and we'll post that after I've decided whether he got me from my good side. 


Time flies so you really have to head to the Holocenter before the caravan rolls on out to another part of Gotham. Come see and support  Carlton Bright (Sunday 7/13) and Sheldon Aronowitz  (Sunday 7/27) as they give their lectures on the colorful History of 3D.  Check our website for details.


I had not  been to Governors Island for some time so my recollection of it was of old, musty buildings.Something from the set of the Twilight Zone. Well, parts of it still look like the prop department's trailer blew over but you'll never get a better view of Lower Manhattan framed by blue sky and green grass. There are great paths and it's really turning into a haven in the city. It's like Central Park with a moat! Having been born and raised in Manhattan, I must admit it's surreal. If you can't find something great to shoot in 3D on Governors Island you might as well throw the camera overboard! So make a little time for yourself, visit the Holocenter and the other great Gallerys that are there briefly for the summer.


And let's plan on a Summer 'Governors Eye Ball'. What the heck, the designated driver is the Ferry Captain! More to come...