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Vol.1 Issue 2
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NYSA - How to Shoot 3D with a 2D Camera


  I'm headed to Tennessee this week for the  National Stereoscopic Association Convention and I'll also be stopping in on one of the greatest guitar player events in the world, The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention in Nashville. My good friend Tom Doyle (Les Paul's Luthier, Soundman and friend for over 45 Years!) will be performing. An extra treat.

Guitars and 3D. Just add some lasers, then shake!


In this issue, member E. James Smith comments on our continuing lecture series at the Holocenter.  Jerry Marks, an Artist who has done everything from shooting 3D Videos with the Rolling Stones to teaching 3D at the School of Visual Arts gave the lecture, which we recorded in 3D of course! Here's a 3D picture  he shot with a 2D camera and turned into a 3D Anaglyph.


The next lecture is by Artist and Engineer D. Carton Bright. He'll describe the basic history of Stereoscopy, and show various viewers and other 3D devices he has purchased or constructed in the pursuit of his art.


Soon we'll install a 42" 3D Glasses Free TV with some of the best video and still images from various NY Artists.

And the Summer will fly by so plan on joining us on Governors Island for a NYSA, Holocenter party. TBA. 


Until next time,


 John J. Zelenka


How to Shoot 3D with a 2D Camera


Sunday, June 22 couldn't have been a more perfect day to take the ferry to Governors Island and spend time roaming around the island.  It is a living museum of American military history now converted into a modern park paradise.  Among the many attractions this summer is the summer home of the Holocenter, or the Center for the Holographic Arts, located in Nolan Park, house #4B.  Every two weeks this summer The New York Stereoscopic Association has been invited to feature a lecture about different aspects of stereography and its long history.  The first in the series was a presentation by John J. Zelenka called "3D Right Between Your Eyes".  John showed an enthusiastic crowd the basic concepts and history of stereography from its beginnings in the early 1800s to present-day, hand-held digital stereo cameras. 


On this Sunday, Gerald Marks delivered a comprehensive lecture and demonstration called, "How to Shoot 3D with a 2D Camera".  He began by giving a brief history of stereography and his personal involvement with the craft for decades.  Then Jerry gave a presentation of his personal library of stereo photos that were all taken with a 2D camera.  These even included photos taken of the moon and on the moon by astronauts, using the classic "Cha-Cha" method.  He then revealed how the "Cha-Cha" dance relates to stereo photography.


After the slide show, Jerry introduced Adobe Photoshop™ as his preferred tool to create and edit stereo images.  The assembled group posed for a photo on the porch of house #4B as Jerry demonstrated the technique while holding a digital camera.


The group reassembled inside and watched as Jerry took the two raw images from his SD card and quickly created a 3D image from two separate photographs taken with a non-3D camera.  He continued by demonstrating how to adjust the image in Photoshop for optimal 3D effect.


Jerry rounded out his generously robust session by offering anyone in attendance a disk with the Photoshop files he had just created.  As an encore, he treated the remaining guests to a glasses-free stereo slide show on an auto-stereo computer screen.


After two successful guest lecture appearances at the Holocenter, The New York Stereoscopic Association looks forward to the next event on Sunday, July 13 at 2PM by D. Carlton Bright called, "3D from the 19th thru the 21st Century". 


-E. James Smith