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Another reason to be sorry Dresden was bombed. That's where the 3D films were stored for safe keeping! The German soldiers loading the heavy gun is alone worth the price of this DVD. Let's face it, the Third Reich had the ultimate 3D salute! The stills are great and with historic narration it brings some of the biggest assh@les of the 20th Century to life. Excellent production and worth owning just for the history lesson. German towns and cities before and right after the war should be a lesson to all involved.
Tour of Mars in 3D * ONE FALLING STAR
Worst 3D ever. Painful unless you have the eyes of Marty Feldman. Stay away from this one. You'll need aspirin, not popcorn!
Headache anyone? Please hire a Stereographer the next time!!! What a botched job. It's so bad I don't even know where to begin. The way the stereo images were processed you need the eyes of a lizard. Many create what is known in the trade as Retinal Rivalry, where the two stereo images have discrepancies so the effect is well, disturbing! Many of the images are darker in one eye than the other. A majority of the superimposed sequence titles lack any worthwhile information. If that's not bad enough, they interfere with the images because whoever designed them didn't know squat about 3D! Granted, a few of the images are compelling but likely by random accident because most are not watchable at all. It appears as if these guys were able to grab some free NASA footage and went about butchering it. Why doesn't NASA just compile a 3D video of their own? At least they care about their reputation and images. Before writing this review I attempted to find these folks and offer my services for free as a public service! Well, it was easier to get to Mars than to contact them, which I didn't. They could not have actually watched this in 3D before selling it. It's embarrassing!