The New York Stereoscopic Association

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Science & Enjoyment of

Stereography in every form

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3D is an amazement to me. I remember watching the great 3D pictures that were made when I was young, like Dial ‘M’ for Murder, House of Wax and Inferno. There were the big showstopping effects with the objects coming toward the camera, but the best of the 3D movies felt very special in another way: the technology was used to deepen the storytelling by enhancing our sense of the physical world in which the story took place. When I started to think about Hugo, I became very excited by the possibilities of using 3D to bring all of those objects—the keys, the clocks, the mechanical devices, the trains—to more heightened life for the viewer. In a sense, 3D is at the core of visual composition in cinema: it's a logical extension of the way that we tell our stories, block our scenes, work out our camera positions and depth of field. 3D takes movies into the future by looking back to the origins of cinema and beyond, further back to sculpture and painting and the need to represent the world in motion and in depth.

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-Martin Scorsese


June 10, 2015 for the New York Stereoscopic Association's 

100 Anniversary of 3D Film Celebration

Astor Room-Marriott Marquis Times Square New York

Join us on NYSA Presents!

See What You've Been Missing in 3D

Our weekly show with interesting topics and people.

When: Saturdays at 3:00 PM New York Time

Season 6 Begins September 10th, 2022

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. 

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The only place in NY where you can experience everything from 4K 3D TV  -  19th Century Stereo Cards -  Stereo Realist format slides - View Masters  - VR and more. 3D Movie 'Breakdowns' where you can learn how 3D Filmakers work. Don't miss a Virtual or Live Meeting!

Visit us in VR with your Oculus
Wander around the Virtual Reality New York Stereoscopic Association. Travel from 23rd Street to Times Square. Visit the 1964 Worlds Fair.

The New York Stereoscopic Association

The nexus of information and activities concerning 3D and related arts in the New York City area. Professionals and Amateurs involved in the art, science and pure enjoyment of Stereoscopic 3D.

See & Hear What You've Been Missing in 3D!
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